agnosia (noun) The inability to recognize and identify visual stimuli, despite having knowledge of their characteristics, and apparently normal vision. is the home of wiltshire based contemporary artist scott boote.

"My work comprises stylised, abstract interpretations of Landscapes and Seascapes, created using a variety of media. Whether it be Expressionist Paintings, Digital-Artwork, or Photography, my images extract the essence of a scene, free from the complexity of form. Details are left to the viewers imagination."

"My current work involves the distillation of photographs to create unique digital artwork. These pieces capture the mood, season, weather, light, atmosphere and energy of a moment in time."

"I have been influenced by a huge variety of artists, architects and designers. these include mark rothko, jackson pollock, howard hodgkin, richard rogers, terrence conran, santiago calatrava, charles rennie macintosh and many more..."
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